Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crayon/Marker Roll-ups

So I had theses two slings that I had bought, one for Eric and one for me, that we never really used. They had a great print and I am trying to re-purpose things. I seam ripped it and used only a portion of it to make a crayon roll-up and marker roll-up. Now the original fabric had seems already so I did not want to hassle with re-doing those so it is a little longer than the pattern calls for. I just made extra pockets. For Kira's I used a ribbon and button to close it up. Enzo can not do buttons so I used elastic to close his up. I did not take more than two hours in total between distractions and all. Fun and easy and re-purposing. So my camera is working but the dial up on my computer is taking forever to download the picture. Sorry, yet another craft without a pic. I will try to go to the library this week and use their wifi.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sewing Machine and Sewing Kit for Kids Giveaway!

Skip to My Lou is having a super giveaway. An ALEX sewing machine for kids and a sewing kit. I have been teaching Kira how to sew using yarn and those plastic cut out shapes, like a star. She has been using a plastic needle and loving going down the rows and doing it right. Well I have wanted to get her a sewing machine because she constantly asks if she can help when I sew and she wants to know how it works. Here is my chance and yours to try to win a sewing machine or sewing kit from ALEX toys. Go to Skip to My Lou and either leave a comment, add her on Facebook, add ALEX toys on Facebook, add either of them on Twitter for entries. I hope you enter but I hope I win....haha! I really never win anything so I am hoping this is the one!

Good Luck All!