Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleaning House

I have been going through the house over and over as much as I can and I am trying to get rid of stuff. This past weekend we had another moving sale and it went really well. I can not tell you what a relief it is to get rid of stuff. I am still having a hard time with some of the sentimental stuff. Like my grandma's antique scale or the dresser and bookcase my grandpa built for me. How do you decide what is important and what is not. Eric and I are both pack rats but we have been wanting to clean sweep the house for a while and now is the perfect time. It is funny how when you start going through things how at first you are a little hesitant. Then after about an hour you just start throwing stuff out because you are just tired of looking at all of the stuff. When we moved from Atascadero to San Clemente we used the second biggest Uhaul! So we have a lot of stuff. It has been great seeing it leave our house little by little. This weekend is our last moving sale on Saturday and Sunday. We are putting all of our stuff outside except for the big furniture. We think we should do well and then we are out of our place on the 31st and moving to my mom's. SO exciting!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving Sale

Saturday we had our first of three moving sales. We sold our TV, DVD player, dining room set, bed with dressers and head board, tools and other stuff. We made a little over a $1000 bucks! Praise the Lord. It feels soooo good getting rid of our stuff. We still have so much stuff, I feel a little overwhelmed with everything but it is slowly coming along. I forget how hard it is to do things with the kids. I have to wait for Enzo's nap time in order to get things done, otherwise he will get into everything. I think this week will be good and I will be able to organize clothes, shoes and storage containers, which if you know me the shoes alone will take a day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All Nursing and No Sleep Makes Mommy a Very Cranky Girl

I do not know if it is his molars coming in or if he is just being a stinker but last night Enzo woke up almost every two hours. He went to bed at 8:00, woke up at 10:30, 11:30, 2:00, 3:00 and cried until 5:00, 7:00 and finally got up at 9:30! Needless to say I am very tired and cranky. I am pretty sure it is his molars because he does not want to eat anything, he just wants to nurse. I do not mind nursing but not through the night like when he was a newborn. I have that mommy guilt if I let him cry. But at three o'clock this morning I could not take it anymore and I let him cry, and cry and cry. He cried until five o'clock. I asked my neighbors if he was too loud before but they said they do not even hear him. I hope it's true because he is going to have to figure out how to soothe himself and it might be a noisy journey. He never was into a pacifier instead he uses me as his pacifier. I really have not cared about getting up once or maybe even twice a night because he is my last one. But lately he is abusing the system. I think I am going to give him smoothies all day instead of regular food and maybe he will not be so hungry tonight. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beauty Part 2

Okay, I did it. I dyed the bottom portion of my hair and added a color to the blond top portion. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Of course I probably could have done a better job with not getting so much dye on my neck and ears but I will do better next time. I know in about a week the color will be perfect, a little root and the color will have faded a little too.

The Things We Do For Beauty

Now I have always been the type to do whatever to my hair. It has been black, red, brown with chunky highlights, platinum, pink and dishwater blond(natural color). I have had every possible cut too. Razor short about half an inch long, bob, the "Rachel" haircut, long past my elbows. Since December I have had the top half of my hair platinum and the bottom portion brown. My husband does not care either way as long as it is not costing him the same as a car payment on my hair. I am lucky to have a good friend who cuts hair and she gives me the friend discount, which I love and she does an amazing job with all of my thick hair. However she does not do color, so I am left with myself in that department. I think I have made enough mistakes to know what to do and what not to do. I have found that if you are doing your own hair color you need to find a beauty supply in which you have confidence in their opinion. I love Sally Beauty Supply but have found very little confidence in the help there for anything difficult.

Last night I had time and decided to color my roots. I thought why not weave a color and beach?! Wrong! I had to go over the roots again with the bleach. Much better, but now I find myself wanting to tweak the color. Do I dare? I love the platinum, however I think a toner or color might make it a little less dramatic. Well I am going to help my friend with her hair today and I will buy stuff for me too. I am dyeing the bottom a darker brown and the top a silver white. I think that will look cool.

So my friend decided to add highlights to her hair. I told her to use this certain bleach with violet undertones and it would reduce the brassiness. I have weaved my sister's hair many times and never fail her hair turns out great. However she had someone with their cosmetologist license, mind you, advise differently. She told her a color would be better and that the bleach would be too drastic. She followed their advice and was calling me this morning in deep regret. There are not too many things I think I truly understand, for some reason weaving highlights I think I get. Anyways long story short I am going over after Enzo naps and fix her hair.

You may think "Why not leave it to the professionals?" When they charge an exorbitant amount for color it is easy to want to do yourself. With all of the information on the web now a days you do not have to make all the mistakes I have. I also cut my daughter's hair. I googled A-line cut and found all the directions to cut a perfect A-line bob. I get compliments all the time on her hair and no one believes I do it. Why pay someone who she does not know to cut her hair for $40 or probably more for the difficulty. When I can do it myself for free. I put on a movie, put her on top of the little tykes table in the bumbo seat and have a lot of patience. It usually takes about an hour. Well worth it if you ask me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sick Day

When your kids are sick it is the saddest thing. Poor Kira got some kind of stomach flu On Saturday. The whole night she was saying "I love you so much", "I love you so much" over and over. I thought after couple days that Enzo did not catch the bug. But tonight a hour after I put Enzo down, he woke up and had gotten sick. He was so sad looking. I gave him a bath, cleaned up his bed and rubbed his back until he fell back to sleep. How can something so small make such a mess. It is so hard being so helpless with your children when they are sick. I just try to think how my mom comforted me when I was sick and what I need when I am sick. Why is it when you are older getting sick is not so bad. Is it because you have already been sick so many times as a kid and you know what to expect now? I just hope he feels better in th morning.