Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sick Day

When your kids are sick it is the saddest thing. Poor Kira got some kind of stomach flu On Saturday. The whole night she was saying "I love you so much", "I love you so much" over and over. I thought after couple days that Enzo did not catch the bug. But tonight a hour after I put Enzo down, he woke up and had gotten sick. He was so sad looking. I gave him a bath, cleaned up his bed and rubbed his back until he fell back to sleep. How can something so small make such a mess. It is so hard being so helpless with your children when they are sick. I just try to think how my mom comforted me when I was sick and what I need when I am sick. Why is it when you are older getting sick is not so bad. Is it because you have already been sick so many times as a kid and you know what to expect now? I just hope he feels better in th morning.

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