Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving Sale

Saturday we had our first of three moving sales. We sold our TV, DVD player, dining room set, bed with dressers and head board, tools and other stuff. We made a little over a $1000 bucks! Praise the Lord. It feels soooo good getting rid of our stuff. We still have so much stuff, I feel a little overwhelmed with everything but it is slowly coming along. I forget how hard it is to do things with the kids. I have to wait for Enzo's nap time in order to get things done, otherwise he will get into everything. I think this week will be good and I will be able to organize clothes, shoes and storage containers, which if you know me the shoes alone will take a day.

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Kelley said... glad you gave your blog to me. I just got caught up on your life. Let me know when you do your next sale...I've been collecting stuff for a garage sale for a little while. Can wait to talk in person at the beach one of these weeks.