Friday, October 31, 2008

Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil,
Cruella De Vil,
If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will
Yes, that is my real hair

I made my shawl and purse for $10
Gloves and cigarette holder $12

Being able to gnash my teeth for no reason

Wonder Woman, Yoda, and Cruella De Vil walk into a Bar

When I asked Kira what she wanted to be for Harvest,
she said, Wonder Woman.
So I made her this costume.

I finished it Wednesday morning before the
carnival at Enzo's therapy

Here is Enzo, or should I say Master Yoda,
he is in a Thomas the Tank Engine

Here we are all posing for dad

Kira, Papa and Cruella at the Ocean Hills Carnival

I have to admit the costume was difficult but she had so many compliments
and we saw only one other Wonder Woman and her costume was bought
(and it was not even that cute compared to Kira's)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh How I Love Cousins and Autumn

Look at the spread they made

Enzo, Kira and Shayli play so well together
I love that they are so close.


The next best thing to a carved pumpkin....

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Rinse off the seeds
Remove any pulp
Spread out on a oiled pan
Single layer
Bake at 325
For 25 minutes
Turning after 10 minutes


Thursday, October 23, 2008

¿qué pasa calabaza?

Here is Enzo's Pirate

Kira's silly face

Kira's with a candle

Enzo's with a candle

Scooping out seeds

Not quite sure if he is putting them back or taking them out

Kira loved helping but did not like the gooey center

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

South Coast Farms Pumpkin Farm

Ladybug Trackers

Farmer Enzo

I love that they still like each
I am getting as many photos as possible of them together
so that when they are older and they can't stand each other,
I have proof that at one point they liked each other!

There was a huge haystack tower and the kids loved climbing it.

We picked out three pumpkins and we are carving them tonight!

p.s. I have never carved a pumpkin so this should be interesting!!

Long Beach Aquarium

I got a free ticket to the Long Beach Aquarium from running the half marathon, but I had to use it the next week. So Elyse gave me her ticket too and we all got into the aquarium for free!!! Love it.
I paid for parking $6.00
coffee $2.00
Totaling $8.00
(plus gas)
We had such a wonderful time.
I was a little gimpy because I was sore and my knee hurt but it was totally worth it.

Kira's favorite part was the Octopus which was hiding the entire time, but she still wanted to see him and was stoked when we saw his one tentacle.

Kids with the Tropical Fish

The Sea Lions just come right up to the window and hang out and practically pose for the camera

Kira with the friendly Sea Lion

I bribed the guy at the door to take our picture with my camera too so I would not have to buy their $30 photo!

Captain Enzo
(He was totally posing for that picture)

Kira takes wheel and Enzo barked orders

In the bird area one actually came and landed on my fingers....
and pooped one second later, luckily it missed me!

Puffins!! They were so cute and crazy.
They are constantly flying and bombing into the water and swimming around.

Kids in front of the Puffin area, clearly Enzo did not want to sit there.

Jellyfish, so cool!

I would highly recommend the aquarium, I think Fastrak gives discounts if you have an account.
We went at noon and all of the field trips were gone so it was not too crowded.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Beach Half Marathon!!

All I am going to say is 2 hours 7 minutes and 51 seconds!!!!

Okay, maybe I will say more, like we kicked major butt. Elyse and I ran about a 9:40 minute mile.
Let me put it into perspective. When I first started running in last year, while pushing the kids I was running a 12 minute mile and last week pushing them I ran a 9:30 minute mile. My last few runs I was running about a 9 minute mile easy for about three to five miles. So you can imagine my extreme excitement to actually run a race and to have my personal best! I have ran two other half marathons and one marathon. The Cambria half was my first, back in January of 2001 I ran it in 2:32. I then ran my first Marathon in Long Beach in November 2001 with a time of 5:04. In 2005, seven months after having Kira, I ran the Long Beach half marathon with a time of about 2:36. Now I do not know my exact time as we were stuck in traffic and started about a half hour late :)

But to have birthed another child and to have trained half of the time pushing them, I think I pretty much rocked it. Elyse and I really pushed ourselves and ran it as a race. This is the first time I actually pushed myself running fast than any other time. I was aiming to run under 2:30 and as close to 2:00 as possible and I think 2:07 is fantastic!!