Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Beach Half Marathon!!

All I am going to say is 2 hours 7 minutes and 51 seconds!!!!

Okay, maybe I will say more, like we kicked major butt. Elyse and I ran about a 9:40 minute mile.
Let me put it into perspective. When I first started running in last year, while pushing the kids I was running a 12 minute mile and last week pushing them I ran a 9:30 minute mile. My last few runs I was running about a 9 minute mile easy for about three to five miles. So you can imagine my extreme excitement to actually run a race and to have my personal best! I have ran two other half marathons and one marathon. The Cambria half was my first, back in January of 2001 I ran it in 2:32. I then ran my first Marathon in Long Beach in November 2001 with a time of 5:04. In 2005, seven months after having Kira, I ran the Long Beach half marathon with a time of about 2:36. Now I do not know my exact time as we were stuck in traffic and started about a half hour late :)

But to have birthed another child and to have trained half of the time pushing them, I think I pretty much rocked it. Elyse and I really pushed ourselves and ran it as a race. This is the first time I actually pushed myself running fast than any other time. I was aiming to run under 2:30 and as close to 2:00 as possible and I think 2:07 is fantastic!!

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Kelley said...

I'm so proud of you. You doing the Turkey Trot? Should be a piece of cake for you!