Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

I got a free ticket to the Long Beach Aquarium from running the half marathon, but I had to use it the next week. So Elyse gave me her ticket too and we all got into the aquarium for free!!! Love it.
I paid for parking $6.00
coffee $2.00
Totaling $8.00
(plus gas)
We had such a wonderful time.
I was a little gimpy because I was sore and my knee hurt but it was totally worth it.

Kira's favorite part was the Octopus which was hiding the entire time, but she still wanted to see him and was stoked when we saw his one tentacle.

Kids with the Tropical Fish

The Sea Lions just come right up to the window and hang out and practically pose for the camera

Kira with the friendly Sea Lion

I bribed the guy at the door to take our picture with my camera too so I would not have to buy their $30 photo!

Captain Enzo
(He was totally posing for that picture)

Kira takes wheel and Enzo barked orders

In the bird area one actually came and landed on my fingers....
and pooped one second later, luckily it missed me!

Puffins!! They were so cute and crazy.
They are constantly flying and bombing into the water and swimming around.

Kids in front of the Puffin area, clearly Enzo did not want to sit there.

Jellyfish, so cool!

I would highly recommend the aquarium, I think Fastrak gives discounts if you have an account.
We went at noon and all of the field trips were gone so it was not too crowded.

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