Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reuse, Recycle and Renew

For sometime now I have really been trying to make each dollar go extra long. Even if it does not save money but is good for the earth than I am trying to do that too. I have not always been on board with the whole "Save Mother Earth". But if I think of it as taking care of what God has given to us, then it is makes more sense to me. I use my reusable bags for groceries and am trying to remember them at other stores too. I have been saving my coffee grounds for compost and plan to get a composting bin too. I have been saving tanks and tees that have a small hole or stain and I am planning on making either doll clothes or even flour sacks for my gluten free bulk flours.

My newest favorite recycle idea is making a jean skirt out of old jeans. My jeans seem to constantly be shrinking, getting shorter. So I took this great pair and cut them off and made them into a jean skirt. I love it. I have been looking for a jean skirt that is the perfect length, either right at my knees or just above. For some reason clothing companies are only selling hoochie momma skirts that barely cover your tush. I am sorry, I am a mother of two, devoted wife and I do not need to show off my assets to anyone other than my husband. (No pun intended).

This one is just right at my knees and not too tight or too lose. I feel so girlie wearing it and I have been loving wearing a skirts lately. I have been reading this book called "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn. It is about the inner lives of men. There are seven basic ideas as women we need to understand about the men in our lives.
Men need Respect.
Men are Insecure.
Men are Providers.
Men want more Sex.
Men are Visual.
Men want Romance.
Men care about Appearance.

The last one is the chapter I am reading right now and it basically says that your husband cares about your appearance, but different than we think. I knew this to a degree and I remember Elizabeth Elliot writing about how she would fix her appearance up before her husband got home. I have been trying to shower and at least put a little makeup on before he gets home. I may keep pj's on during the day somedays and get things done around the house. But I am trying to dress cute for him and look presentable for him. I have noticed a difference in his countenance. So the skirts have been easy, cute and comfortable too.

Recycling has been a great idea by going to the Goodwill or the local thrift store. I asked Eric if he wanted anything in particular from the store and he asked for popcorn. Well we sold our popcorn maker and microwave before we moved. So I went to the Goodwill and found a Whirly Pop. It goes on the stove and you turn the hand crank and it moves the kernels around in the pot and it pops wonderfully. They normally retail for about $20 and I got it for $2.25 including tax! I have been also making my own gf bread instead of buying the rice bread from Trader Joe's. It is $3.99 a loaf and we have been going through three loaves a week. That is $12, so instead I have been making my own and I have not yet figured out the cost but I know it is cheaper and it tastes way better. So I found a bread slicer, it helps you make even slices out of homemade bread. Because I was getting all of these obscure size bread slices. I got it for $2.00, sweet normally probably $10 to $15 at least. I also got videos for the kids there for a buck each instead of $5 to $20 for new ones. Plus I like the older movies instead of some of the junk that is out there now. So I have been thrifty and it has been fun. What kind of deals do you get?

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Linda Z said...

It's fun to read about all your ideas! :) I like getting deals... can't think of anything in particular at the moment though!

And I did see those hoochie mama skirts at WalMart today.... um, no one should ever wear those!!! Instead I bought a box of hair color and dyed my hair Patrick's favorite color so he'll be surprised when he gets home from his trip! :)