Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cool Nutty Noodles

Oh how I love new recipes and making old ones better. I was in a bit of a rut with new recipe ideas. I have been over at Happy Herbivore for some inspiration. I am sometimes a little nervous about certain ingredients but her recipe of Cool Noodles added a new twist to my Nutty noodles!

*inspired by Happy Herbivore and my Nutty noodle recipe
16 oz corn spaghetti
3/4-1c peanut butter or sunflower butter (I tried almond butter and it was ok but not great)
1/4 c rice milk
2-3 Tb gf soy sauce or Bragg's amino acid
2 limes juiced
1/2 english cucumber peeled, julienne cut 2" long
handful of Trader Joe's shredded carrots
2 green onions julienne cut
handful of cilantro coarsely chopped
red pepper flakes (optional)

Cook pasta accordingly to directions, drain and set aside.
In small saute pan, whisk peanut butter, milk, and soy sauce over med/low heat, until creamy.
In a large bowl toss noodles, sauce and lime juice together. Make sure to coat the noodles. (This ensures them to not dry out in the refridgerator) Toss in carrots, cucumber and green onions.
Garnish with cilantro and little red pepper flakes if you like a little heat!

This recipe is great warm or cold

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Linda Z said...

Sounds pretty good! :) Hope you and your family are doing well! :)