Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Connected Finally!

Okay after waiting over a week for a silly phone connection and then they did not even connect it to the house, luckily Eric does that all day long and connected us back up, we are now back in connection with the world. Although I must say that I have throughly enjoyed not having tv, phone or internet for two weeks. Oh course it was hard with checking emails and doing online banking at the library with two kids. But on the whole I have been more productive than ever. We got dial up and it does take a while to do stuff but I think it will hinder me from just surfing the web while I am supposed to be doing other things. I had over 140 emails to check this morning from not been online since last week. With that I am going to try to post weekly for sure and maybe one other post a week.

Our house is amazing. It is a single wide manufactured house with two bedrooms and two baths about 850 sq ft. It is situated on about 50 acres. It is pretty hilly, at the base of the property the landlords live in one house. Drive up a little hill and our pad is situated among a couple of trees with a old jacuzzi, horseshoe pit and shed for storage. There is enough room for Eric to put a carport and use it a workshop for him and his cars and projects. We are going to start a garden in a little spot out on the hillside and we have a great front porch that is buzzing with hummingbirds that are not shy. I am surrounded by God's beauty and peacefulness. I have really enjoyed sitting on my porch in the mornings and having my quiet time...it is like I am on a retreat every morning. It does not get any better than this, I think. Yes it is a little hot, try 105 degrees the last few days, however we have a swamp cooler and it feels so much better than air conditioning because you are not all dried out. I love the temp because I can line dry my clothes! Talk about being energy efficient. Now you are probably thinking that I have gone totally white trash or hick on you. I think of it as being aware of my resources and using them. We shop at the local farmers market for the majority of our food and the taste is amazing. I started reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and I am amazed at what our food culture has turned into, that is a whole different post all together.

Anyways we are blessed beyond belief and so very content where we are for now!

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