Friday, July 24, 2009

Train Ride

So yesterday Kira, Enzo and I got up at the crack o dawn and got on the Amtrak in SLO. We rode it all the way down to San Juan Capistrano. I packed snacks for a year; smoothies, toast, coffee, granola bars, sandwiches etc. Books, movies, coloring books and toys all in tow. I braved the train with two kids and we had a ball!

The best was when the conducter called out
"Next stop Grover Beach, Grover Beach next stop folks."
Enzo looks at me and says
"Grover Beach? Not Grover Beach! Elmo Beach!"

I did not get it at first, but as soon as I related that he meant Grover from Sesame Street, I was almost on the floor laughing. The best part is that he was chuckling to himself over it too. What a quick wit.

I survived almost seven hours on the train with only one meltdown. We are here to visit and go to Enzo's Orthopedic appointment on Monday. My mom will drive us up on Tuesday and get to see the house finally. Good thing I cleaned it before I left :)

Nice to be out of 105-110 degree weather but not loving the humidity down here so there you go, never quite perfect.

By the way Eric loved the granola bars and I think they are better when kept in the freezer.

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