Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seattle Day 2

Enzo discovered all of the Legos at my aunt's house

Seattle Center

Okay, Stike a Pose!

Space Needle

Gorgeous Day in Seattle

We head over to The Pacific Science Center

Circus Circus
Enzo the Lion Tamer and a clown
Enzo the lion and now I am the lion tamer

A garden maze

Control panel for the Dinosaur
The electronic dinosaur
Dinosaur footprint

I remember coming here and sitting this capsule as a kid

Inside the cockpit

There was a whole insect exhibit, Enzo is riding the caterpillar like a horse, Giddy Up!
Butterfly Exhibit
I have about fifteen butterfly pictures and will post in a different post

Kira finds the one computer in the whole science center, of course!
A huge tree ring
Enzo, Cousin Cadence, and Kira
The power of water, the guns shot at pinwheels.
It is crazy to me how inconsiderate people are,
the guy in the red shirt was on that gun with his son for about ten minutes.
There was a line of kids and he was oblivious to the fact.
Common Courtesy is not so Common any more!
Huge granite ball
A water wheel, it took three of them to get it going
Well deserved snack with Cousin Shayli

A fabulous Salmon dinner with the whole family
Sheri(my new SIL), Terah(my sister's daughter), Papa Andy(my step dad),
Bethany(my cousin), Jenny(my SIL), Jacob(my brother)

Jenny, Jacob, Mimi(my mom in the red), Jebraun(my sister standing), Aunt B(in the black), Josh(my cousin's husband), Eric(my husband), Kelli(my SIL) Christian(my borther, back of his head, sorry)
The girl's table!
Cousin Jessica, Cousin Maile and Kira
Jessica is Jacob's daughter
Maile is Christian's daughter


Amber Orduna said...

i'm so glad you got to have this trip. how awesome to give your kids the memories you had of seattle and some of the things you got to do as a kid. i can't wait to hear about the cruise!!!

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