Thursday, August 14, 2008

Has it really been that long since I blogged? Wow time has slipped away from me. We have been just going day by day, enjoying the summer. I have been training for my half marathon in October. I have been running almost everyday. I just the Garmin 301 Forerunner watch last Friday and I love it. It has a heart rate monitor, pace and GPS. Best of all I got it on Craigslist brand new for a fraction of the price. I have been able to run and see if I should slow down or speed up. I am totaly hooked on running right now and I am seeing a difference in my speed since I have been running tempo and speed work runs.

Kira, Enzo and I have been gluten free for a month now and we feel great. Enzo has gained a pound and a half. Both of their appetites have totally increased. The bumps on Kira's body have lessened quite a bit and I know it will take probably a while for them to totally clear up.

We are all doing well and I am still trying to be organized but it is a daily battle as I am always wanting to rest rather than work. :)

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