Thursday, November 13, 2008

Six Weeks Until Christmas!!

photo by: Alyssa Snyder

I think I am more excited for this Christmas than any other in the past. For one the kids are understanding the season, well at least Kira is. I love the music I get to play. I am so excited about my gifts this year. I am making our Christmas cards and all of our gifts this year. We really do not have a huge gift list like some people, so I I do not think it is too much. I am making dish towels for immediate family and friends. For all of the teachers and therapists which is an extensive list, I am making ornaments. I am making place mats and napkins for one of our gift exchange gifts and a set of ornaments for the other. I am making cozy pj's for Eric and the rugrats. I would also like to make a doll or something for them as well, so they have two or three gifts max from us.

I am so happy because all of my towels are pinned and ready to sew the last seam.
I wrote our Christmas card letter and have all of my addresses in my computer, ready to print.
I have finished five of the ten ornaments.

Next on my list
  1. Finish seams on towels
  2. Print Christmas cards and labels
  3. Decorate our Christmas Cards
  4. Finish all the ornaments for teachers
  5. Take our family picture this Saturday
  6. Sew pajamas for the kids and Eric' s gift
  7. Sew Place mats and napkins for the Gift Exchange
  8. Sew more ornaments for the other Gift Exchange gift

I feel better having made a list because all of these projects were running around in my head. I think I am being very adventurous but realistic too. I will document each gift and blog about it. I may even tutorial it....hmm
Now I am not so good at the wordiness of the tutorials I have seen, so I will take tons of pictures to pick up the slack where I fail.

I did not mean to but my list looks like a tree, hehe!

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Kelley said...

Good for you! We're taking our picture a week from Saturday. Trying to be on the ball to. SO proud of you for making gifts this year!