Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Know it is the Beginning of the Holiday Season

I have boycotted Starbucks for quite some time, probably about four or five months at least. I got tired of seeing the mom and pop coffee shops in the area get taken over by Starbucks. So I decided to stop going there and to start supporting the little guys. I love J.C. Beans in Dana Point because it is a drive thru and good coffee. I also love Kaylani's coffee in San Clemente. I think they have the best soy latte in town. With all of that said....

Starbucks Holiday coffees are here!

My personal favorite is the gingerbread latte, however they changed it to gingersnap latte. The difference being the gingerbread latte had nutmeg on top of the whipped cream and the new gingersnap latte has crystallized ginger on top of the whipped cream. I do not care for either, so I opt for no sprinkles of any kind.

I broke down and purchased a tall decaf soy with whip gingersnap latte. Say that ten times fast. $3.80 later I was enjoying my first few sips of holiday in a cup. I must say though that I could not finish the tasty beverage because it was so sweet. If I do get this again I would have to ask for two pumps of syrup rather than three. So my order will be

Tall, decaf, soy, two pump, no ginger, with whip, gingersnap latte.

On second thought I think I will just pass on buying another one because that is a mouthful!!

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