Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I guess it would not be life if it was not crazy. So the last few days besides packing and dealing with the idea that we are moving this weekend!!! I have been dealing with Enzo and his poops again...wah wah WAH! I know he has not had any gluten and yet he has been pooping right after every meal and not normal poops. This is not good. So I begin thinking what if it is dairy, we do not eat that much but we have been eating more lately. I decided to search Casein in google. Casein is a milk protein and after a few google searches I found on a Celiac website a forum of GF people complaining of similar symptoms but with Casein. Oh wait it gets better. As I read on I found out that most likely he has a casein, egg and/or corn allergy too. We basically have corn tortillas everyday!

Well, it makes perfect sense after reading these comments. Basically when you are consuming gluten your body does not absorb nutrients properly. So his body has recovered and now after about a year he is actually absorbing these other possible allergens and I am seeing reactions with him and Kira.

Now what!!! I am going to take all three of us off dairy, corn and eggs for three weeks and then slowly reintroduce each seperately to see if there are reactions. Cooking is going to be so much fun(Not!). This is going to push me to find even better recipes now more than ever.

For instance, today for lunch we had rice bread avocado sandwiches, apples and grape tomato halves and yes, Kira actually ate a tomato and liked it. For dinner, I made rice noodles with a tomato basil sauce. Now, normally I would add parmesan cheese and a little dollup of butter to my sauce at the end to make it creamy. Instead I added a 1/4 cup of raw cashews to my sauce in the vita-mix and blended it until it was creamy. It was soooo good. I also had to make garlic bread without butter. I broiled the bread until it was a little toasted and then sprinkled garlic and sprayed canola oil on top for a little buttery-ness. It was pretty tasty considerering the alternate of just not having it.

I am going to have to perfect my pancake recipe without eggs and butter now :(

I think it is a good thing though. I know we do not eat that much processed foods but we eat our fair share. I want to eat more whole foods and I think this is the pushing limit to make me come up with better even more healthier recipes. I will definitely post them as they flop or taste good.

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Linda Z said...

Hope your move goes well! I have a friend up here that has to stay away from gluten and dairy and stuff... you two should get together and talk!!