Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Are Moving!

Okay, it has been officially decided that we are moving in two weeks!
I gave my notice at the restaurant and we told my parents we were packing it up. I am happy. I am sad. I am excited. I am nervous.
I am uncertain about alot of the details.

I did send out my resume to quite a few restaurants in the area yesterday. One emailed me back wanting an interview which is exciting. It is very similar to my restaurant now. Thankfully most of our stuff is already packed and in storage and all I have to do is pack up our room and the living room with my sewing stuff and the kid's toys.

Kira asked me if we were taking her Jesse and Enzo's Woody dolls with us with a very serious look. I told her yes and that we were taking all of her toys and things. She was relieved and all of a sudden excited about moving.

Enzo does not even get it I think, I know he will hate the ride up in the car. The last trip up and back he pretty much cried the last 20 minutes each way.

So on another note, I took the kids to the nurse practioner on Thursday. I have done all of the homeopathic stuff I could think to do and the cough was not going away. So we went and it turns out Kira had double ear infection and Enzo had a sinus infection and it was turning into an ear infection. No it was not Swine Flu..haha. The kids are now on antibiotics. I hate giving them antibiotics but I realized I don't give it to them all the time like most parents. Enzo has only had antibiotics once because of pneumonia after his M.R.I. . Kira has taken them two other times, basically once a year for them. I really try to do everything but that, but what are you going to to?

On another side note, not sure if it is the sick thing or the fact that Enzo is two now but he has a new habit. He likes to tell me no repeatedly (that doesn't bother me so much) while hitting me or attempting to hit me (that bothers me). He will cry or scream "No, no, no, mama" and throw his fist at me for ten minutes at a time. How do you discipline this? Anyone?????

Depending upon the situation, I mainly tell heim he can not talk to me that way and I put him in a time out until he calms down or I just ignore him if it has only been a few minutes hoping it will stop without attention.

Can anyone help me please? I hope it is the fact that he does not feel very good and that is it. In the mean time enjoy a picture of him in his new tantrum pose!

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Becky said...

Bless your heart! I remember my Boy having tantrums at about 2 years old. (He's 24 now!)

Sometimes I ignored it, sometimes a time - out and sometimes if he got really crazy I would sit on he floor and hold him real tight in my lap. Both of us facing a window with me asking him softly to look for a bird or a bug or something.

It all worked! It took about a year ;) He will grow out of it and probably stop when his ear feels better.