Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving into the Land of Technology

Yes, we are moving!! Again, I realized that we moved close to eight times int the last decade. So why not start this decade with a move. There is this little spot in town that has six little cottage houses. We have wanted to live in one for now seven years! Finally, God has opened the door for us to live there.

We have loved living out in the country do not get me wrong. However, with only one car it has been very difficult with the kids and being so far out town. I have really learned how to be resourceful and shop for two weeks and menu plan way better than ever. I have appreciated being in a quiet rustic setting. I love seeing animals, wild turkey, deers, quail and yes even FOUR BLACK BEARS one day! The kids have loved their pink house but are very excited to move to the Blue and white house.

We were very hesitant to move and on the Sunday after Christmas we really sat down and prayed and talked about what terms we wanted when we talked to the landlords. We decided on a certain amount for rent and different stipulations. There were two house available on for more rent with a garage and one cheaper with a carport. We decided on the one with the carport and lower rent. On Monday morning the landlord called saying they were offering the house with the garage for the rent we could afford!! Praise the Lord!

Next we had to tell our landlords we were leaving and give 30 days. They were sympathetic and understood. Our new landlords wanted us to move in on the 15th if possible. We looked at finances and decided that we would tell them we could move in on the 15th but without a deposit and if they really needed us in then it would be okay. Sure enough God worked out the details and they agreed to it. They even offered to break up our deposit over four months, who ever heard of landlords doing that?

The icing on the cake is that in November Eric was tired of looking at our boxes in our storage shed and one day at a job there were people moving and he offered them our boxes on loan. He lost their number and now we were left without boxes?!? We got some from Craigslist and from his aunt, but it clearly was not enough. Then this Monday the guy calls with the boxes and said they were ready for us to pick up, WHOO HOO! They even had couple more boxes for us. It turns out as of today I have four boxes that I have not used and one roll of tape left. I feel like the widow with the oil and flour preparing for Elijah bread when there was not enough for her and her son. But she faithfully made bread with the little she had and there was still enough left over for her and her son too. But the other story that comes to mind it the widow who had debt and Elisha told her to get as many empty vessel and poured the oil in them. She kept pouring oil until all the vessels were full. I was able to share the blessing of our boxes and they were so grateful and in turn there were plenty of boxes for us in fact just the right amount.

God cares about the little things and I am blessed.
Now my mom and my uncle are on their way up here to watch the kids today and tomorrow while we move and clean up. What a blessing.
The only thing left is for our landlords to rent the pink house and we get maybe some of our rent back but more importantly our deposit back.

God is good and I have seen His Hand in this whole endeavor more than anything before. Each step guided by Him.

Plus I will have cable internet and actually have the speed of 1 MG and that id light speed compared to the 20KB I have now.

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