Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kids Say The Darnest Things

This is off the top of my head some of the funny things Kira has been saying lately

"Enzo, this is not a playground, it is a parking lot"

"I love you mom and you do too"

"Don't you sass me"

As I dipped my french fry in our milkshake, she said

"Mom, that is a great idea!"

"Good job with your potty twaining bubba"

As she was eating her bbq drumstick tonight,

"Mmmm mmm this is good mom, mmm, mmm"

She sounded like Bill Murray in "What About Bob"

The radio starts playing Sly and the Family Stone "Thank You"
"Mom, this is my song!"

Mom, let's go to Open and Shut...

(singing) that's what a hamburgers all about.

She is too much sometimes, I love it.

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