Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Morning

Better late than never, but here is our Christmas morning

Santa's snow covered boot prints

I made a little girl doll for Kira and a Shrek doll for Enzo

Made pajamas for the kids

"Cars" for Enzo and "Strawberry Shortcake" for Kira

Kira and her doll have the same nightgown

This is the stove I found for them
Quick story:
We were at school and the YMCA after school portable had this stove sitting outside.
The plexiglass was broken on the oven door. I asked the teacher if they were throwing it away if I could take it. She said sure and that it was only a couple of months old. I got home unscrewed the glass and disposed of the broken pieces and cleaned it up. Wallah! a free play stove for the kids and it is made of wood! Thank you God for providing.

My little plumber

They loved their stockings too full of slippers and choneys (underwear)
An elephant and alligator too.

I found a small 4 in 1 vacuum. It is a dust buster style with a retractable handle. It is the perfect size for the kids to use. We tend to snack up in our living room and I wanted the kids to clean up after themselves. So this just right for them to help and clean up.

I got pictures of the kids from last Christmas blown up in black and white framed for Eric.
He was a little teary....ahhh

It was a great Christmas morning and worth staying up until 4 to get it all done.


Kelley said...

Looks like you guys had a really nice Christmas. I finally bought a sewing machine and am SO anxious to get busy. I absolutely LOVED their pj's. My DREAM is to be able pull that off for my boys next year. Wow.

Rather Be Whistling said...

It looks like you a had a nice Christmas! I love the idea of Christmas jammies.