Monday, January 5, 2009

Potty Training!!

Okay it is official, Enzo is potty trained. What does that mean? How did I do this? Yes, he is only twenty one months old , but I have heard horror stories of boys and potty training so I just went for it and never looked back.

I started on last Monday and took all diapers out of our room and living area and bagged them up for my sister in law. I had bought choneys(underwear) for Enzo's stocking and got those out. I put him in choneys.

I set the timer for every ten minutes. When it beeped, I asked him if he was dry and had him pat his undierwear to feel he was dry. For everytime he was dry he got a treat. Now with Kira she was easy, she loved the plantain chips from TJ's and they were salty so she drank alot too and was peeing up a storm. Enzo was a little bit trickier.

He did not like the same treat over and over, so I would offer veggie chips, star stickers to put on his "Staying Dry Chart, or m&m minis. I know, I am not a big fan of giving the kids candy, but there was a greater good at stake here folks. I know you are suppose to up the liquid consumption. However, I did not give him too much juice because were are at my mom's house and I did not want tons of pee stains on her carpet. I had him sit on his rug that we do activities and that helped with accidents.

At night time he was in underwear...that is right no pull-ups, training pants or diaper. I did not want to have to deal with a potty trained kid that wets the bed. I reduced his nursing time at bed time to about a minute or two on each side and let him fall asleep on his own. I would get him up around two hours after he fell asleep and take him to the potty. He was great and would go. I think because he was relaxed he did not fight it. He has been dry the last three nights in a row and five out of the last seven nights! He has been sleeping longer hours because I am only nursing him for a little bit when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

The only thing he has yet to do is go poop in the potty and realize when he has to go. I am still putting him on the potty every two hours or so. If I think back to Kira, she was the almost the same. It took about a week for her to realize she had to go and told me and then about another week for her to go on her own. She was so cute she would call having to go potty, poot, I think it was a combo of poop and potty. The only accidents he has had for the past two days have been when he poops. I am so ecstatic and so proud of what a big boy he is. I was worried on day two that he was never going to get it, but that night he started going in the potty.

Anyways, that is what I have been up to this past week. I knew if I did not do it this past week it was going to be a while. I had to stay home and be with him constantly for three days straight. Every time I left the room he would go. I am so happy to think about how much we are going to save on not having to buy diapers!!

He is pooping in the potty!!! Last night and tonight he went. Plus he is telling me he has to go now!! Praise the Lord, I am so happy.
added 1/7/09


Rather Be Whistling said...

Wow, that is great! Yay for you!

Kelley said...

Yea, I'm pretty jealous. Happy for you too!

DangAndBlast! said...

Good work! I've seen the full spectrum, from the Indian side of the family that potty trains as soon as they can support their heads (and can thus be places in supportive potty-chairs), to an uncle and aunt who were divorcing and didn't want to add stress to their children by potty training ... so the cousins didn't train until kindergarten! But I'd say you're certainly near the front end of things. Good job!