Monday, January 26, 2009

Orthopedic Appointment

Today Enzo had his six month orthopedic check up. I tried to reschedule for another time because I am not feeling well. However when the next available appointment was in April and not even with his doctor I decided to just go and deal with it. My mom stayed home from work and helped me with the kids today so she came to the appointment. The appt. was at 1:00, we left at 11:45 in order to get there first. What happens is there are about five to seven other people with a 1:00 appt. too. So first come first serve for the appt. We got there at 12:20 and of course Enzo fell asleep ten minutes before we got there. Luckily, my mom stayed with the kids and I checked him in. I got checked in and got a pager to let me know when they were ready for me. We got in there right at 1:00 and the resident doctor came in at five after, that is the fastest we have ever been seen! He checked Enzo's legs and arms for range of motion.

With Spastic Hemiparesis Cerebral Palsy when they go through a growth spurt their bones grow but their muscles tend to tighten up even more. It is really important for me to stretch his effected side daily for at least one minute. Let me tell you he does not like it at all and he resists about 90% of the time.

So the fact that I am stretching him it really helps with his range of motion. It definitely showed when the doctor measured him. They lay him down with socks and shoes off and flex his foot up toward his shin. The degree they can flex it up is positive and he score a 30 on both feet! That may not mean a lot to you but it does to me. Every month he has a Physical therapist appt. to check and make sure he is staying on track and they measure his range of motion then. The beginning of this month he measured 20 on his left (effected side) and 25 on his right. So I was extremely happy that he measured 30 on both, that is huge. Praise the Lord.

The doctor was great and said that Enzo looked super. He asked a few questions and said thank you and we will see you in another six months to check up again. The appt. was no longer than seven minutes if that. I am always happy to hear just that, see you in six months.

Enzo is doing great and it is always good to hear it from a professional.

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