Saturday, February 19, 2011

28 Days of Nothing-Not so Much

Ughh! This month has been a little bit of a nightmare. I think my expectations of nothing was not really realistic with my work schedule and Valentine's weekend.
I have failed, not miserably but I have failed. Last time I wrote was the about the 5th and 6th. The next week was okay and I did really well. I think I bought a coffee and that was it, $3.85.
However that weekend was not so good. Eric and the kids went down to my mom's house, while I worked the whole Valentine's weekend. It worked out great because I was working crazy long hours and I knew I was not going to see them anyway. But I did spend way more than I had intended. Saturday I went to my friend's consignment shop just to peek around for the first time. I found two vintage dresses. Gorgeous and in perfect condition, these dresses are classic dresses. I need a black dress for a wedding I am in in May and for $40 I could not pass it us. If I bought this dress new it would have been $200 easily.

As for eating out....I did! I was running literally from Friday afternoon until Monday night straight. I am going to say I spent no more than $50 on food and coffee.

So, I have not wanted to write to admit failure but realized I needed to. It is the 19th today and the month is almost over. Nine more days in February. I think I bit off more than I could chew and I will be the first to admit it. I am not going to beat myself up over it though. I did make more dinners at home than normal and I was more conscience of my choices and I think that is good.

Working 40 plus hours a week and trying to cut corners in spending does not really happen. I am glad I tried and failed in a sense. I sometimes set unrealistic goals and then beat myself up over not reaching them. I realize that now and I am happy to say I can not do it all. I try to believe I can but not so much! This season of my life it totally different than any other I have had.

Hopefully you are able to learn from my mistakes and make good goals.   
Obtainable goals!

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Linn said...

You are one amazing woman. I'm so blessed to call you "daughter".
Love, Mom