Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 4

Friday was rough! It started out like a nice day. I had coffee with a girlfriend- $8.05. So much for the non-frufru drink. Work was busy at lunch and had a great shift. I went to pick up Enzo at school and then it began. He did not nap and was a nightmare. Poor bub, I know he was tired but he was beyond cranky. He was whining and crying over anything that did not go his way. We go and pick up Kira and it gets worse. When he is cranky, she is the worse thing to add to the mix. Kira antagonizes him like no other sister has before. SO for the one hour I was home with them I had to do damage control every five seconds. Needless to say I was done and actually anxious to get back to work.
Eric dropped me off and straight into work mode I went. We was slammed last night and had a very interesting mix of guests. Things did not run smooth. It was super to be busy and realize we need more people working, but it sucks when you can not get in a flow and make it smooth. Oh well!

So thankfully for me I get off work earlier on Fridays for now. Eric was still up in Atascadero and I was without a car. I decided to go and get a glass of wine and a little bit to eat. I know, I know I blew it! But it was so worth it! I had a perfect time and finished right when Eric came back into town. I needed a little treat and oh well, I am not perfect and I do not expect to do this anytime soon.
One happy mommy-$27.86

Okay not a great start but not horrible.
Plus I realized we are not doing anything for Valentine's day because I am working all weekend (but mostly because I can not stand the holiday!).
Most people spend $40 on flowers!
Anyways here is Mr. Linky if you want to join in the fun with your posts.

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