Sunday, December 28, 2008

Relaxing After Christmas

Okay, I am still recovering from Christmas so this will be short. I will post with all of the gifts I made for the family, I promise. By the way I stayed up until four a.m. finishing all of the gifts because that is what I do best.
I had to change my music to include Prince, for some reason when I think of New Years Eve it is not complete if I don't hear "1999" and "Let's Go Crazy" is such a great dance song. Yes I am dating myself and my musical up bringing in the 80's but I do not care :)
Another cool thing and reason why I probably will not post until Tuesday night is I am potty training Enzo today, Monday and Tuesday. That is right hopefully in three days, I read "How to Potty Train in Tree Days" (or something like that) and it worked with Kira. So I am doing it with Enzo. Now you may think I am crazy to potty train a 21 month old. but I think that he is ready. He pooped on Saturday and as I was changing him I asked him if he was down and he motioned no. So I sat him on the potty chair and he went!! That is right folks he pooped in the potty with out the slightest hesitation. I knew then if he will go poop on the potty he is ready. That seems to be the biggest problem with all of my girlfriends kids, is the poop issue. I remember when I was potty training Kira she was the same way as most kids and afraid of doing it on the potty. It took her one week and then she was going but we had our fair share of accidents.
I also figure boys are so difficult to potty train because they get used to the comfort of the diaper and I did not want him to get that way. So wish me luck. We only had two accidents today and he stayed dry besides those.
Hope your Christmas was blessed and what are you all doing for
New Years Eve?
I am working...shocker
Does anyone have any resolutions????
I think I have a couple but I need to realistically plan them out or they will die out by the 3rd of January. I am an over achiever and I tend to take on too much and then I just fizzle out from everything.

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Kelley said...

Simplify, Health and focus for 2009. Check out my blog tomorrow...I think you'll like the post!