Monday, December 8, 2008

Trip to the Central Coast

This past weekend we went up to San Luis Obispo to visit family,
friends and go to a wedding too.

Enzo snuggling with Grandpa Wayne watching Shrek

Peggy and Kenya Grace Pottenger on their last day on the Central Coast.
The Pottenger's are moving to Kenya

Enzo sitting so big at the counter at Gigi's (grandma) house

My niece Zoe and I had the same brown coats with furry hoods

Kira got an kitty umbrella for Christmas from Gigi and Grandpa

We took a drive along a little country road and saw some cows no biggy

But this one came right up to our car, it got out of the fenced area

Central Coast at its finest

Me and my hubby

What is it about open space that is so relaxing

Over the mountains is Cambria and the ocean

Love it!

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