Friday, December 5, 2008

What a Crazy Night

Well between Enzo coughing up a lung last night and dealing with my step dad, I am tired. My step dad, Andy, was complaining of chest pains last night around 10:00. I told my mom to give him an aspirin. He took one and they headed off for the E.R.. Thankfully it was not a heart attack, but it was a clot in his lung. Doctors gave him a blood thinner and they are running tests this morning. They need to find out why and if he is going to have more.

Enzo is going to the doctor this afternoon, I think he has croup :( He has this really barky cough and threw up around 11:00 last night. I think it was all of the mucus from this cold. I am hoping it is just a nasty cough and it is at the end stages.

Oh yeah and we are leaving tonight for San Luis Obispo for our wedding tomorrow, so we get to drive late tonight, so much fun!

Andy did not have an embolism, but they are running more tests and the doctor is most positive that it is not cancer either. His shoulder and rib-cage are giving him a lot of pain, so he is on medication for that. Please pray my mom gets some rest and same with Andy.
Enzo got some immune booster from the doctor and he said it did not seem like the cough was really bad. Thank goodness.
Okay I am packing the car with our twenty some odd bags and getting on the road for our three day holiday.
Blessings to all

The giveaway will be closing tonight at 5 pm
I will pick two lucky winners
I will give each winner a choice of four coaster or two tea towel.
I will be mailing it Tuesday when I get back.
Thanks again for all of your wonderful comments

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Rather Be Whistling said...

Gosh, that does not sound like a fun night. I hope they'll both be feeling better soon!