Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh How I Love Mondays

No really I love Mondays. I work Friday and Saturday. Sundays are usually filled with church and family. So Mondays are just for me to catch up and rejuvenate in a sense.

I finally put all of our laundry away after having to refold it all. I cleaned up our room and that always feels good. I tutored my high school student. I had a nap with the kids. They both napped for two hours at the SAME time. I made a tasty Chicken Satay with veggies and rice. Yum. I bought stuff for Corned Beef and cabbage for tomorrow. I might even make green bagels or pancakes tomorrow.

This morning I ran with my friend at the beach and it felt so good to get out and exercise. I have not wanted to exercise but I am in dire need to exercise. I am at my heaviest ever (about 15 lbs over my realistic weight) without being pregnant, at least being pregnant you kind of have an excuse for extra weight. No this is plain laziness and pure apathy for any kind of good eating or exercise. So today I drank water like no tomorrow and ate really good. I think if I do not eat after 9:00p.m. it should help a lot. I definitely find myself snacking late night and that is never good.

My realistic weight is a weight that I can comfortably keep without starving myself or being too neurotic about everything I do. All of my clothes fit perfect without any binding but they are not falling off. If I just exercise on a regular basis I usually do not have a problem with my weight. But it is the regular basis that needs help.

I am going to put together a fitness schedule for my next race. I am planning on running the Half Marathon in October at Long Beach with my friend again. We want to shave off some serious time of our last race. This means serious training and discipline. I need it.

What do you do to get motivated to exercise?

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Kelley said...

I'm walking the LB 1/2!!! We'll keep each other posted on our workouts. I'm in a funk right now and need to get back on track.