Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 27 of Nothing

Friday the 27th

I get a call today from Enzo's occupational therapist. He tells me that on Wednesday when he was in for his weekly appointment there was another little boy who had chicken pox at the unit. Oh Great! Now Enzo had his first round of shots back when he was one month and he has not had any more immunizations since. Now that is a WHOLE different discussion, but I will briefly tell you, Yes, I have done all of my research and investigative reporting on the subject of immunizations. Eric and I decided that we did not want to possible hinder Enzo's mind any further with the possiblilty of side effects of his shots. The best is when at his first year check up his pediatrician was hounding me to whether or not we were going to do shots that day. When I finally told him we were not continuing giving him shots he got all gruff with me.

This is the doctor who I really liked and enjoy going to see him but he constantly belittled me and it got old. I was fed up when I went to see him at Enzo's four month checkup and I told him I thought something was wrong because he did not use his left hand at all. He politely told me it was nothing but to set my mind at ease he would refer Enzo to a neurologist. Praise the Lord he did. She was the one who diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy.

After I told him we were not going forward with shots he sat there grumbling and looking at his paperwork. Then he proceeds to tell me that if I am going to have him have any shots it should be these two. Are you kidding me?! Out of a ten different shots there are only really two that you think they really need? Really, no really, how do I even believe that. I do not remember the two that he mentioned because I was so flustered at what he said.

Okay I guess I went off a little more than I planned on the whole immunization thing. Sorry. Now I am not againist it nor really for it. But as of right now Enzo is not totally immunized. I know this is a crazy subject and I am not trying to be on a soap box or anything, I am just telling you how we came to the decision not to immunize right now.

So as I am writing this Enzo's teacher called me to tell me the scoop of the child who came to school with chicken pox. Apparently he HAD his chicken pox shot and still got them....hmmm. Isn't that interesting? Anyways she told me that there is a incubation period of 10-14 days until they show signs or are contagious, so we are okay to come to school. I don't know how I still feel about having them possibly getting someone else sick, I would feel terrible.
So that was my friday day in a nutshell.

Kira decided to throw one tantrum after another all day long and I was losing my mind. I am still trying to keep to the no tolerance rule. I am asking them once to stop what they are doing and then after the second warning if they still do not heed my words it is a timeout no matter what. If they fail to take the time out I threaten with the spanking stick. Oh brother I am hitting all the "Hot Topics" today. I do not like to spank and I really only spank if there is outright defiance. I think my no tolerance rule of time outs has really worked. It has kept me calm and I can tell I have more patience with the kids. I think this works for us. But there are those days of pushing the limits and Friday was definitely pushing the limits at every moment. I finally had to put her down for a nap even though it was 3:00 pm, she needed to cool out. My sitter came over and I woke her up and she was definitely in a better mood. I left for work.

Work was crazy weird. It was as if it was a full moon or something. It was a decent night tips wise, nothing to go crazy about but okay. I was tempted to bring a bottle of wine home at the end of the shift but I did not.
I did not buy anything today. The cool thing about this experiment of nothing is that it has rubbed off on other people. Eric told me has really tried to not spend too. Which is great since I did not tell him he needed to do it too but he saw that we were saving money and he wanted to help too. I told one of my co-workers about what I was trying to do this month and I think he is trying to not spend anything this next month. It is pretty cool, especially in these times of uncertainty.
One more day of no spending. Yeah!

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