Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 26 of Nothing

Thursday the 26th

Today we had in home therapy at 9:00-10:00 with Mindy and Candy. At 11:45 Kira had speech therapy, however her classmate was graduating from the class so there was a party. I had to go to the gluten free store and buy chocolate donuts because that is what the other kids were eating. Luckily they were on sale for $5 instead of $7 or $8 normally. Yeah gluten free stuff is expensive! So there is $5 not necessary. However last night I picked up a shift at the restaurant. I had my high schooler come and watch the kids from 4:15 until 7:15 so there goes $30 bucks but I tutored her on Wednesday which was $20 and my other tutoring is paying for the rest of the babysitting I need weekly. It works out nicely.

One bummer about today was Eric's car had a problem with the power steering. So he had to have the Suburban towed back to the house, thanks AAA! and He is now working on it and fixing it. I LOVE that my husband can fix just about anything. What is costing about $50 by him doing it would probably cost at least $100 if not more at a mechanic. Once again God has provided for us by gifting my husband with very skillful hands and a brain to understand things. Did I mention that I love that he is so handy? Because I do! I am glad that I have budgeted for mechanical issues with our cars.

Tonight I am getting my hair cut by my dear friend who works at Vidal Sassoon. SHe has been cutting my hair for almost two years now and I love her. She called and told me that instead of driving up to Costa Mesa and going to her work that she took a half day and she will cut my hair at their house here in San Clemente. How cool is that. I was actually dreading going up there but now I can just go across town and get it cut. Sweet! I love that she does not charge me I just have to tip her. So I usually tip her $20 because the cut would normally cost about $70 at least if not even $100 so a $20 tip is appropiate. That is better than going to Super Cuts!

So today I spent
$5 on donuts
$50 on the car
$20 on the hair
$15 tollroad and gas

but saved about $15 on gas and tollroads
So actually spending
not bad for the car and hair that have been budgeted for.

Two more days of this interesting experiment.
Whoa what a crazy last couple of weeks.

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