Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 23 of Nothing

Monday the 23rd

Today was definitely a recovery day. I was so tired from Disneyland. I slept in until 9:00 and stayed in pj's until 1:00pm. We had a great morning with the kids. I decided to do kind of a mommy and me class at home, well that is what I called it, but it was more like school with the kids. They understand Mommy and me better than school. We had breakfast and then came upstairs and had circle time. At their Mommy and me class through the school district they have circle time. There are little two inch laminated squares that are velcroed that stick to a board with carpet. As they go aroud the circle each child gets to pick a picture and we all sing the song together. So I got out my IPod and picked out six songs we could sing along with. I drew six corresponding pictures each song. I had the kids sitting on their chairs and they each had three turns. I made up motions for some and we danced around too. They loved it. I had fun too.

Then I got out three books and read them outloud to them. They especially loved this. Then each of them wanted to read their own books to each other. I told them to read books while I read my devotion and it was perfect. I think I am going try to do this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I got a call around noon and my high schooler's mom wanted to know if I was available to tutor at 3:30 and I said no problem. She came over and was so cute. She told me she had a test on Tuesday and she did not know anything. We went over homework problems that were going to be on the test and she totally knew how to do them. I love it when the student has no confidence when they arrive for my tutoring session and leave with 100% more. I do not think it is necessarily me that gives it to them, I think I allow them to realize that they truly do know what they are doing. So many times students tend to second guess themselves.

My wonderful mom made baked potatos and salad for dinner. I fed the kids and they watched a Backyardigan episode and then off to bed. Eric came home at about 8:45 and we watched "Heroes". I love that show! Then I was off to bed at 11:15. I was pooped and ready for an early night.

I did not buy anything and five days left.

By the way I actually typed this whole post without looking at the keys on the computer! I never do that and I actually typed fairly fast, nothing in the record speed but fast for me.

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