Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 5 of Nothing

Today we had in home therapy for Enzo and then speech therapy for Kira. We went to the bank and made a deposit and then to Trader Joe's for bread. Somehow we ran out of rice bread, I usually stock up on it because it keeps well in the freezer. I got bread, milk and some dried mango and some turkey chili because it is a chili kind of day with the rain. I spent $30 at Trader Joe's.

I really kept from buying extra food that we normally don't buy, like frozen waffles or cookies.
I am feeling happy with how well I am able to to this. This weekend will be the true test. When I go to work it is always hard not to get a salad at the end of the night. I always justify it because it is half price but I am going to bring a little snack in case I get hungry.

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