Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 13 of Nothing

I am posting these today because the weekend was crazy at work and I am pooped!

Friday was great, it rained almost all day. I love rainy days, I feel more inspired to clean because I am stuck in the house. That and plus the fact that all four of us were out of clean underwear so I had to do laundry. Six loads later with the help of my mom with the kids and folding, I was done with laundry. I will admit it is not put away and I have to put it away today or else it will move from a basket of clean straight into the dirty basket. I hate when I do that. I think I fold the clothes at least four times, when I should just put the silly clothes away, but for some reason I think that takes to long. Oh well.

The kids and I made mailboxes for their Valentines, well I made them but they made Valentines.

I covered the English Toffee Containers from Christmas

I cut out hearts and used the leftover edge on the bottom, I really did not plan it but it came out pretty cool and abstract. Kira dug it

Enzo wanted white and red. I made his simple but festive

On a different note, I finally found a babysitter!!! On Fridays Eric does not get home until about 7:30 or 8 because traffic is so bad. I usually go in to work at 6:30 and my mom will watch the kids for an hour if they are not busy, or I will ask this older girl to watch them every once in awhile. Eric and I decided to find a permanent sitter on Fridays so that I do not strain my mom with watching the kids. I called every gal I know and I could not find a steady sitter.

My mom suggested the neighbor girl, she is in six grade, twelve years old and has two younger siblings and babysits for other neighborhood families. Out of desperation I went over and introduced myself and asked if she would be interested, she said sure and I asked her how much she charged an hour. I am always scared of this question, because I have one sitter, granted she is in college, but she charges $20/hour for two kids!!! Are you kidding me? So when she said $5/hour, I smiled and said I would gladly pay her $7/ hour. She was stoked.

I talked to my manager at work and asked if I could come in early at 4:30 and be first off and he was happy to accommodate. This way I can get off work around 10 or 11 the latest. The neighbor girl came over at 4:00 and she was great. The kids immediately took to her. I had made noodles, garlic bread and green beans for dinner and had it all ready for them. I explained as much as I could to her and told her to text me if she had any questions throughout the night. So around 7:00 she texted me to see if her friend from down the street could come over. Oh great, what do I say. I asked a fellow server with two girls ages 8 and 10 what he thought. He is so funny, he told me for sixth grade sure but definitely not for a high schooler. I agreed. I texted her back "sure".

My parents came into the restaurant for dinner and when they got home they relieved the girls. The friend is thirteen and offered to babysit too. I go from no sitters to two great ones in one night. I was so happy. So now they are going to take turns sitting and the other may or may not come. Two for one babysitters at $7/hour, sounds good to me. The kids loved both of them and responded really well to them.

So Friday at work we were really busy, as expected. I did not buy anything from the restaurant even though I was hungry. I left around 10:30 and got gas for the car $45 filled the tank. The only cost I had for the week that is new is the babysitter for $28 a week. But then I remembered that I just started tutoring again twice a week and I have not accounted for the new income. I charge usually $40-$50/ hour. I have my degree in Mathematics, so I feel that I can charge that, especially here in Orange County, that is cheap. However, I feel as though my ability to teach math is a gift and I would never want to deter someone because of the price, I know I'm a softy. So I tutor this college student for $35/hour twice a week, plus he comes to my house and they kids usually are playing while I tutor. Look at that, I can pay for my babysitter and still make an extra $42 a week. It is so great how God provides! Love it.

So I had another successful day of no consuming.

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Linda Z said...

Great job, Keilah! I didn't know you have a math degree! I actually like math, too. :)