Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3 of Nothing

Today was great. I bought groceries and only basics about $45 worth of veggies, salsa and nuts.
I only had one inconvenient time. When we were leaving mommy and me class I was dying of thirst and I wanted to stop and buy a bottle of water but I did not. I almost went to Starbucks asked for a venti water since their tap is purified, but I would have had to get the kids out of the car. Instead I went home on got water and then we went to Kira's speech class. I did not go out of my way since speech is right by my house and I was going that way anyways. I just have to plan to bring water more, I usually do but for some reason I forgot in the hustle of going to mommy and me class.

So I did good today, it feels good not spending money.

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