Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 8 of Nothing

Oh how I love Sundays, especially rainy cloudy Sundays. We went to church this morning around 10:45. What a great service, if you have a chance listen to the sermon online, it should be up tomorrow, check it out. It was so good because Seth talked about having patience with how God has a perfect timing. In 1 Samuel 13, Saul was just made king and he was supposed to wait for seven days for Samuel, the prophet, to come with further instructions for the king before battle. He waited seven days but on the seventh day when Samuel did not come right away, he took matters into his own hands by doing something that only Samuel was supposed to. When Samuel arrived, he informed Saul that because of his impatience, he will no longer be king. Whoa! Talk about a messing up! The message was really about waiting on the Lord's timing. I was encouraged because sometimes I feel like we will never be debt-free and then we will never be able to move to New Zealand. But today I felt like God's timing is everything and we will be debt-free soon enough and when everything is in order we will move to New Zealand and not one day sooner. It took us time to get in debt and it will take us time to get out of it.

We came home from church and my wonderful husband made lunch for us, the kids took a nap and Eric and I had some time to talk and reflect about our financial situation. We have a few big decisions that we are praying about and are excited for the first time in a while about where we are and where we are going.

So today I was even more motivated not to spend money. We stayed at home and enjoyed each other and I did not buy anything.

Total spent so far $6.47

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Stacy said...

Thanks for posting about your church. I visited their web site to listen to the sermon and ended up downloading 6 of them to listen to later. I was thrilled to see that they were saved in mp3 format, so I actually opened the mp3 player that I purchased 3 months ago and just never had the courage to try to figure out how it works, and loaded the sermons on to it to listen to on long car rides (we have a few coming up this weekend). Thanks for sharing!