Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 15 of Nothing

Sunday was perfect. I was so happy to relax and not go anywhere all day. We got up and the kids had gone to bed so late on Saturday that they were grumpy pants, I mean really grumpy pants. I put them down for a nap at 11:30. They napped until 1:30. I got all of the laundry put away. I cleaned up the playroom and was able to blog a little too. Eric worked on his car and organized his stuff too. I did not go anywhere so I did not spend any money.

Halfway done with this month and it looks as though we are ahead with our money. What? That is right normally by the fifteenth we are start scrambling for money for our car payment and the rest of the month. As of right now we are ahead and it feels good. It might just be that I am am overly aware of our money and budget this month, but I think I might have to do this "nothing" thing more often or figure out a good solution to my spending issues. Maybe allowing myself $20 a month to spend on whatever or something like that.

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