Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 7 of Nothing

Okay I bought something but I think it was very necessary. I worked last night at the restaurant and we were so busy. I ran my butt off, wishful thinking. Lately the restaurant has been pretty slow, when I mean slow I mean instead of 150 covers (people) in a night more like 75. Yes, the economy has hit my job too. But last night we did about 120 covers and because we have not been busy like that for a while, like summertime, we all got worked. However with much work comes more tips and we all like that. I did twice as much in sales than I have in a long time. So this is all my justification to my spending. I ended up selling some really expensive wines, $250 and $150 bottles and usually if the guest is appreciative of your service or just plan generous they will offer you a taste of the wine. Obviously this a very sweet jesture to share something that expensive with your server. I had two tables pour very generous glasses of wine. I love wine and work in a great restaurant with great wine, but I do not drink all that much so I really watch what I drink at work.

First off, because I can not function at work with too much vino.
Secondly, I have to drive home.
Thirdly, I have two rugrats so I do not indulge.
Lastly, I just do not like abusing the privledge of drinking at work.

Do not get me wrong I LOVE wine, but I have found with two alcoholic grandfathers it is best if I watch my alcohol intake. I try to stay at my one glass limit. Anyways, I had a couple sips of each and realized that since I detoxed this week I am a lightweight. Duh. I went in at 4:00 so I was the first off at 10:00 and I bought a salad. Not just any salad, the winter wedge salad. Baby gem lettuce with Mineshaft blue cheese dressing, Nusky bacon crumbles, pickled red onions and grated egg! This is one of my favorite salads with all of the great flavors. It is $12.00 but with my employee discount it was $6.47 with tax. Not bad for a great salad and I figure I could indulge when I made twice as much in tips than I normally do.

I have a love and hate relationship with Valentine's Day week. I love the extra work and money but I hate the ammetuers that come out of the woodwork thinking they are special. Don't get me wrong I love their patronage but hate their attitude. When people order a $35 bottle of wine and want it decanted, they are just showing off. Anyways enough about that.

So far I have spent $6.47 for unallotted items...well deserved though. Not bad for seven days.

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