Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 9 of Nothing

Mondays tend to be my catch up day, with laundry, cleaning up after the tornado of the weekend. But today I had errands and yes in the pouring rain, so much fun. I had to go to the UPS store, the Post office and Trader Joe's.

I was sending leftover Christmas cards that got lost somehow, including one to my mother in law. (I am sorry Janie, I do not know what happened to your card)

I finally sent out the coasters from the giveaway day in horrible of a host am I. I got so burned out from sewing all of the Christmas gifts I did not want to sew forever. I just sewed for the first time in two months on Friday. Note to self, don't have a giveaway on items you have not finished :) I spent $6.30 for postage and mailers

Trader Joe's was grocery shopping for the week. Now I did not disclose the special circumstance that we have living at my parents. We pay for room and board. So when I buy groceries, my mom reimburses me. That does not mean I go crazy, I still stick as close to my budget that I had when I was buying them. That being said I got basics again and a few toiletries, toothpaste and hand soap. I spent $130.00. Mind you this is for Eric, myself, the kids, my mom, step dad, and aunt. (Yes, I do sort of live in a compound :) ) I average about $85-130 a week for food, depending on the week. I do buy a lot of organic if the price is close to non-organic. So averaging $400 about a month for two kids and four adults.

I spent $6.00 at the UPS store for faxing six pages and three copies.

I spent a total of $12.30 for my unplanned errands
I definitely needed to do both of those purchases, but it was unallocated.

I did good at the grocery store finding the best deal on meat and did not buy any extra speciality foods.

I think I did just fine. Only 17 days left, but really only 16, since I already accounted for the 22nd at Disneyland. I am so happy with accomplishment so far!

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