Thursday, February 5, 2009

Detox Day 4

I feel great today, no headaches and not as thirsty as the past few days.
I drank my barley-life in the morning, I had my yummy smoothie after. I had a dried fruit snack and a few corn tortilla chips (a little slip) for a snack. We had lunch at home. I had extra smoothie and a baked potato with hummus and red pepper sauce. I will have more Barley-life before dinner and will probably have a salad and rice or I might make some polenta.


updated 7:50 pm Thursday night

Okay my intentions were good to eat good for dinner but, I was making pancakes for the kids for dinner and they looked and smelled so good. Guess what I had for dinner....pancakes and I was happy with the decision at the time but now, not so happy. You know how pancakes sit on the bottom of your tummy, well I have that feeling right now. Not so happy, oh well, that is what I get huh! Tomorrow I will get back on track.

It is funny how it happens when your diet, (meaning the way you eat in general, not diet in the way of starving yourself), is healthy and you feel good but then you see something or smell something that you just have to have and you eat it thinking "I've been eating fine, it won't matter". Then you feel sick after, was it really worth it? No never, but you can not beat yourself you have to just make a better choice the next time. I have been honest with you in order to make you realize we all fail and succeed but not to beat yourself up about it :)

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