Monday, February 2, 2009

30 Days of Nothing Revisited

More like 28 days, to be exact. I am going to do this and I really am excited about it. What better time to fast from buying stuff than the shortest month when money will be for sure tight! I think I can do this. The only day that will be hard is the 22nd. We have been planning to go to Disneyland with Eric's cousin and friends. We are going to go to Club 33, since my family has a membership, and there is no better way to go. I have already planned to save extra each week to make up for the cost so that we do not have to put ANYTHING on our credit card! I will definitely have to blog about this more, I will try to daily but we will see. Check out Owlhaven for her 30 Days of Nothing, truly inspiration.

Day 1
Sunday Feb 1, 2009
I did it, I did not buy anything, yeah.

Day 2
Monday Feb 2, 2009
Not hard, Mondays I usually spend at home after running in the morning with my great friend Miss Elyse, what the kids call her. Two down 26 to go!


Linda Z said...

Can you buy food?

going kiwi said...

Totally, from my understanding of it you have your normal budget of expenses of food, gas and utilities. You just do not have any entertainment, dining out, misc spending. The idea to not purchase anything that is not of necessity. You try to live as streamline as possible. Check out this link and read this gal's