Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 18 of Nothing

This morning we did not have any Occupational Therapy (OT). Enzo's OT was on vacation so instead of scheduling with another OT, I just canceled his appointment and we stayed at home. I love staying at home. If I had it my way I would be home everyday, all week long, but it is not realistic to be home bodies when you have two little ones. But today we were just that, home bodies and I loved every minute of it.

I tutored my college student at lunch time and the kids just love him. After we were done Enzo went down for a nap and Kira just laid there. After the fifth time of getting out of bed I told her to come in the living room with me. I don't mind if she doesn't nap as long as she doesn't wake up Enzo and she was pretty close to waking him up.

I started sewing a quilted wallet for my dear friend's birthday. I found a great tutorial for a full size wallet. However my girlfriend only uses the half size one. I found this tutorial and I am going to try to combine the two ideas. I love the quilted one but like the size of the second one. We will see how it turns out. Maybe I will attempt a tutorial. I know I have threatened that before, but maybe this time I will.

I got a text last night from a high schooler from my church, I am good friends with her parents. Her mom and I were talking about the fact I am a math tutor last Sunday. The girl asked if I had time tonight to tutor her. For sure, I got dinner all ready and set up the kids while I tutored her for a half hour. In turn she will babysit for me, nice I love bartering. I am working tomorrow night and she is babysitting for a couple hours until Eric gets home. Again, I love how God provides a shift at the restaurant and a free babysitter. The high schooler said she had a few friends that needed help too. PTL maybe I can get a group of high schoolers to come over and get tutored. Maybe I will ask the neighbor girl to watch the kids for two hours and tutor.

Babysitter for two hours: $14
Tutor two students: $80
Take home $66 for two hours of work, sweet I am still making $33/ hour. No bad, not bad at all.

I did not buy anything today and I made $55 in tutoring for an hour and a half.

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