Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 10 of Nothing

Oh, how bad did I want and need a coffee today. We left for Enzo's therapy at 8:30 and it was cold! 44 degrees to be exact. Now I understand that it is way colder back East for all of you in Pennsylvania, New York and all, but it has been 70 degrees here. So to drop almost 30 degrees in a matter of days puts you in a little shock. I love cold weather, when I am prepared.

Today not so prepared. I wanted a steaming hot cup o joe. I was so close to stopping at this local drive thru coffee shop and order a coffee using all of my change in my wallet, oh yeah I had it even rationalized in my head. Stay on target! Stay on target! I did just that, I refrained from buying anything, it was hard but I started thinking that I have to post about today and I did not want to lie and not tell you about it. So I stood strong. I am now going to make my cup o joe and enjoy it because the rugrats are napping and I could use a little pick me up as I am working to night for someone. This week should be really busy at the restaurant for all of those not able to get reservations for Saturday.

We are booked for three turns on almost every table. Yee Haw! I will be running from 3:00pm until probably midnight. Hopefully people will tip accordingly, I find on Holidays people are cheap.

Now here is a great question how much do you tip? Being a food server and having worked in the business for over 15 years I have seen it all. I even got the one penny once. It was definitely not deserved but oh well.

I usually tip at least 20% on the total, not the subtotal. I will definitely tip 15% if I absolutely feel the server failed me miserably. I usually talk to the manager first, having been a manager, I would have liked to know where my restaraunt let someone down. But I have never not left a tip or done the penny thing.

Please let me know your reasoning for how you tip. No one will be put down. I have found people have strong reasons for how they tip. I would love to know them.

Here is my yummy decaf coffee treat


DangAndBlast! said...

I've never not tipped except perhaps when coming back from countries where you don't tip (when I've forgotten that you do here). I've gotten people mad at me for adding to their one-penny tip, though (why should they care? it's not their money). I've once tipped about 10% when the waiter was sullen, inattentive (chatting with friends, not busy with other tables -- I'm tolerant of understaffing!), messed up orders, refused to fix them.... and when the waiter then complained that we hadn't tipped enough (!), we explained why (which we'd already done) and said we wouldn't be coming back to the restaurant (we were pretty near moving, so it was true, as it turned out). But I know that some places do the thing where all wait staff split all tips, and I didn't want to hurt the others because one won't pull his weight, so I wouldn't cut it entirely. (May just be that I'm not a communist -- didn't give my students all the same grade regardless of how well they did on the test, either! -- but I think people who earn higher tips because of exceptional service should be able to keep more than people who get low tips due to very poor service.)

(I've enjoyed your "nothing" posts, btw.)

going kiwi said...

We share tips too at my work. However, I am very lucky because we all work hard and definitely pull our own weight. Of course you can always have those days but we all understand and pick up the slack for one another and vice versa.

Thanks for sharing.