Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 20 of Nothing

This weekend was a bit crazy so I am playing catch up.

Friday the 20th

I was so happy Eric was able to stay home because there was no work, happy he was home with us, not so happy about no work. But I did not need a babysitter that night, so that saved me money. We had a great day with just the family. I went to work at 4:30. It was very slow, which is expected after a big holiday weekend. I got off work at 10pm and was starving. Okay I gave in and went to In n Out Burger. I was craving a burger, fries and chocolate shake. $13.19 later I was home and Eric and I enjoyed a fabulous midnight snack.

Add another $13.19 to the total spent. Well worth it though, I love In n Out Burgers!

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