Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things to Do in the Central Coast With Kids

I feel a little scattered brain still trying to get as situated as possible for our a stay with my husband's family. It is hard living out of some boxes and 97% in storage, but we are making it work. I realized I am so blessed with so many great things to do up here. My Mother in Love bought us a membership to the Atascadero Zoo as well as a membership at the Children's Museum in Paso Robles and we all love them both. I am trying to get us out of the house and out more. I am such a home body but I know the kids do better when we are doing things. Plus we do not have any therapy yet because they are transfering all of the paperwork up here. So it is nice not having a set schedule to follow too.

A mother of twins that we met at the zoo told us about this gymnastics class that is twice a week and only $5 a session without sign-ups and you show up whenever. So we are trying that out today. I researched other gymnastic programs and all of them are about $60 to $80 a month plus registration fees. Plus they are more scheduled and I would hate to miss one and loss money.

We also took advantage of the Drive In Theatre in SLO. There was a double feature of "Up" and "Night at the Museum Part 2" Kira could not wrap her mind around the idea of watching a movie in the car. I think she was thinking we were going to watch the little dvd player in the car. So when we parked and opened up the back of the van, I made a bed in the back. The previews started and she was amazed to see the big screen. I think she liked snuggling in the back watching it. She of course stayed up and watched both and Enzo looked at me within ten minutes of the second movie and said "night night" and laid down. I nursed him for about a minute and he was out. For $12 we had a great fun night with the kids and a fun memory.

That is all they are letting me write, as they are now both awake. I will have pictures as soon as I find my wire to download.

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Linda Z said...

We LOVE the drive-in! We stick a blow up mattress in the back of them van and it's awesome... kids love it!!

By the way... check out for ideas, too! :)