Friday, June 12, 2009

Yeah, We Love the Dentist!

Quick update, the dentist appts went wonderfully. My experience was superb and I could not be more pleased. I do not know if it is because we are out of Orange County and the vanity thing is not as prevalent but there was no pressure for anything, no one asked if we wanted to whiten our teeth, nothing like that. We were in and out and the dentist was great. He actually is from Lake Forest down south, how funny is that. No cavities or anything and they said to see them in a year... none of this every four month crud.

As for the kids, they were peaches! Kira was such a big girl and got her x-rays, teeth cleaned and had the dentist exam them throughly and not even a blink or wimper from her. Enzo was a little more cautious and it took a little more coaxing to get him in the chair. But as soon as he saw how Kira, big sis, did then he got right up there. It helped that I bought two Thomas the tank engine trains, Rosie and Rhenas for bribes too. But on the whole they were great and will be back in December for another checkup!
Praise the Lord!

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Linda Z said...

That's always good news! Our last visit wasn't so great. :P