Friday, September 24, 2010

#5 on the List Done!

Nightgown for Sadie

Goodness, I finally got this puppy done on the List!
I started before and messed up so bad for some silly reason and 
this fabric is not forgiving when you re-sew over a couple times. I got frustrated and walked away.
I found super cute hot cocoa fabric on sale a couple weeks ago. 
So yesterday instead of cleaning the house, I decided to sew it.
Sewing all seams and going over with the serger was so nice.
The ruffle turned out better than expected and I just used the serger on it, so easy!
I admit my arms and neckline could be better, there are a few puckers.
But on the whole I think it will look so cute on the little Miss.
Kira modeled it for me and said "Is this for me?"
I replied "No, but I have enough fabric for one for you too."
"Yeah!" she exclaimed.

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