Monday, May 24, 2010

The List

Alright, I finally decided to get the ideas/projects on paper. I made a list and I am not starting a new project until I finish the list. Ahh! There I said it out loud and I am now held accountable.

Here my dutiful dozen:
1. Kira's Quilt Duvet Cover
2. Finish my new brown shirt
3. Finish Eric's Hat
4. Fix Kira's dress
5. Finish Sadie's PJ's
6. Make Enzo's Quilt Duvet
7. Make Curtains for my room
8. Make Kira's striped dress
9. Make Nursing Cover for Shiloh
10.Restyle striped shirt
11. Make Napkins for Jebraun
12. Make Floor Pillows for Kids

It is in no particular order but I am determined to finish them as soon as possible. I pieced together the majority of Kira's quilt today, hence the late post. The whole center is done and now I have to do the sides. I
This is the layout of the center that I sewed today. Obviously not the best picture, I just took it after laying out seven different possible patterns, so I would not forget it.

The edges will be the strip patchwork border. I had to stop tonight since I have to cut more strips.  
Well, there you have it my list, my vision, my duty. I know that when I finish this list it will be liberating.
I am excited and nervous at the same time.

What are you putting off? How many unfinished projects to you have?

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