Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Felt Food

On Thursday and Friday I decided that we would all make felt food. I wanted to start getting some of my unfinished projects done since I have a sewing machine again. The list is extensive and I do not want to even write it down in fear of what it might say. I can easily think of about ten off the top of my head. Anywho, I thought if I included the kids we might actually finish one project together and they would have a great time too.

I really wanted to make more whole food so that they would not only be eating it at meal time but practice fixing the meals themselves during playtime. So we made a list of the felt food they wanted. Then I made up patterns as we went. I kept it simple for time and for the kids.

Baked Potatoes
Sweet Potato and Regular Fries
Red Bell Pepper
Snow Peas
Baby Carrot Sticks
                                                 Clockwise: Baked Potatoes watermelon, tomato slices,
                                                  spinach, carrots, bell pepper, snow pea, pickles,
                                             and in the middle:  potato fries, sweet potato fries and avocado. 

I was so happy and they had a blast. They helped me cut, pin and sew. We used Kira's sewing machine. They pressed on the petal while I moved the fabric. It was pretty hard for Enzo and he had to used two hands for the pressure, so it was theraputic too.

My little snow pea....isn't it cute?

Now I consider myself a bit of a husband would be laughing right now. Okay I am very much a perfectionist. But only on certain things. Sewing is a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I just want it done and if it does not need to be perfect it will not be. That being said, I am happy to admit that I let go of my perfectionism and let the kids have a ball.

These are the ones Kira sewed by hand

Kira and I sewed quite a bit of them by hand. It was great she sat there so quietly and did an amazing job for a five year old. We spent about two hours each day on the project. They were great and so patient. Everytime Kira would finish a piece I would ask if she wanted to stop. Each time she looked at me like I was crazy, "I want to do another one." with a sass in her voice. I loved it. I found something that she enjoys, keeps her busy, educational and fruitful. She was so cute at on point, she said "Opps, I did what you told me not to do" I replied "What was that?"  She giggled and said "I let go of the eye" It was great because I had been telling her that in order for the thread to not come out of the needle, she needs to hold the eye when she is pulling the needle and thread through the other side of the stitch. She finally understood it after about ten times. Came to the conclusion herself that I knew what I was talking about. What a great lesson. I think the life lesson of listening to instructions and understanding why is very important.


janimal said...

Wow, you guys did a great job. I love making felt food. LOVE the potato!

going kiwi said...

Thanks, it was fun and kept them busy.

Linda Z said...

I love your felt food! You could make sets and sell them in Etsy! I bet a lot of people would "eat" them up! haha :)

going kiwi said...

Thanks Linda. Etsy is on my mental list for sure, someday ;)