Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Down Nine to Go

Alright I posted my dutiful dozen last week and here is an update.
I have finished three items on the list

Brown Shirt
I took this old favorite shirt of mine 

I love this fabric,

(Here are the pleats and I just sewed buttons on because I never unbuttoned it) 
it has such a great peasant look to it

Kira's Striped and Polka Dot Dress

It is similar to her Easter dress

I put a zipper in this one and finished it in about two hours

Lastly, I restyled my striped shirt

(I just cut one sleeve and remembered to take a before pic)

Eric got this shirt at the Army Surplus store for him
It shrunk and became mine
I wanted it to be more fitted in the arms and sides
I wanted to add a little flair
I have been seeing a lot of little fabric flowers with buttons
I cut the sleeves to 3/4 length then after figuring out the rigth fit I used the serger to easily re-sew the arms and sides. I was going to sew the cuffs, but I like the raw egde.
With the leftover sleeve material, I cut different size circles
Using a zig zag stich around the outside while stretching the fabric it created a little ruffle
I stacked them alternating the stripe pattern and added a button
Instead of sewing the flower on,
I decided to simple put a safety pin on the back and put it on when I want to wear it.

Yeah! I have two new shirts and just in time for my new job.


Tracey said...

fabulous sewing projects - I love your blog description of yourself! Looks like your well on your way

Anonymous said...

Great work and thanks for the GORGEOUS napkins they arrived today. I have, of course, blogged about them and linked in to your blog. Thanks again they are LOVELY!

going kiwi said...

Tracey, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. We are slowly chipping away and I am learning a lot in the process.

Glad you got them and I hope you use them a lot.