Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Serious Goals Being Met

This last week Enzo has had some amazing developments. I posted about him playing midline equally but even better news is a goal is about to be officially met. He is putting on and pulling up his chonies and pants! What?! I know huge, absolutely huge. The best part is that he is initiating doing it himself. We saw his OT today and she was floored at what he is doing. It is one of the goals we have had since he was probably two or so. She wants him to master the skill and then the goal will be officially met. In my mind, he has done it and he wants to continue doing it. Praise God!

The kid's memory verse for church is

I am wonderfully made
                                           Psalm 139:14

How much more of an appropiate verse for him. I have also been saying
another great scripture when he tells me he can't and that he is not strong enough.

          I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
                                              Phil 4:13

It is so hard when he says he can't do something. I have to really interrupt whether or not he just does not want to or if he physically can not. Most of the time he just does not want to. When those time arise I have started to say the verse and really encourage and tell him I will help a little. I make sure he is doing 90% of the task but that he feels confident that I am there along side him.

                                 Enzo dressing up like "Gloom Meister Austin" from the Backyardigans

I am a proud momma and so very thankful that God has given me my little bubbas.
I would not trade his condition for anything in the world.

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